Power supply unit-5 volts from 230 volts

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Power supply unit plays major role in any circuit. If the circuit is needed to work efficiently then the power supply unit should be made properly. Many electronic circuits are powered by 5 volts supply. So every electronic enthusiast needs to build a 5 volts power supply circuit for all his home projects. This 5 volts supply can be used to power any circuit like microcontrollers etc.

Components needed for this circuit are:

Diodes - 1N4004
C1 - 1000uF
C2 - 0.1uF
C3 - 0.1uF
Regulator - 7805
Indicator - LED
Resistor 330Ω
Step down transformer - 12-0-12

Above circuit shows the Power supply unit. The four diodes perform the rectification and converts ac supply into dc supply. The ac supply is given from step down transformer. C1 capacitor removes the ac supply present. 7805 provides constant 5 volts supply and LED is just used to indicate that is circuit is ON. 
You can make this circuit on a general purpose PCB board and used it to power any circuit. 

Here are the proof of the circuit.

Don't hesitate to comment below if u have any doubts.
Hope this circuit will be helpful for your projects. 


Anonymous said...

can you please explain the function of capacitor C3

Anonymous said...

what is the use of resistor

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